setting smart goals

Training Discount – Setting Smart Goals

Learn how to use goal setting as a means to achievement in your business, professional and personal life using the SMART goal setting framework to ensure your goals are planned and executed through to...
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desiging your brand

Training Discount – Branding 101

Branding 101 A brand is a perceived image that provokes an emotional response. It's hard to define because it's intangible. The brand is the image attached to a name, design, symbol, or some...
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What’s It All About

Long ago in what seemed to be a galaxy far, far away, I was creating documentation to information for clients to inform on technology and process and to document procedures. Over time I have created, curated,...
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Three Tier Business Development Concept

Small business people are always tuned in to pick up any information on a business idea that might be helpful to them in some way. Frankly, there is no shortage of business ideas on planet Earth. Things...
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