Content Curation Mistakes

Content Curation Mistakes

The best website is a website that is useful to your customers and the most useful websites ALWAYS provide quality content. But creating quality content is hard work. one solution to the content problem is content curation - a great concept that allows you to create hybrid "original" content, build authority and generate healthy visitor traffic.

Curated content is a good process because;

  1. It takes less time than traditional content development. You simply link to other people’s content, perhaps with a short excerpt, and add your own unique commentary.
  2. It gives you content ideas you might not have thought of on your own.  Browsing websites in your niche will let you find all sorts of ideas quickly and easily.
  3. Google loves it when you link out to other sites. It’s not all about backlinks, anymore. Now it benefits you to link TO quality sites.

However, there are a pitfalls to negotiate when curating content. They can reverse any advanatges you hoped for on your website if you are unaware of the implications. This guide discusses some of the common mistakes people make, and how you can avoid making them on your own site.

You'll learn;

  • To uncover the most common mistakes people when using content curation, and how these mistakes could cost you dearly.
  • About the risk of expensive legal challenges if you don't follow best practice in content curation.
  • To discover and avoid the simple content curation mistakes that just about everyone makes that could severely damage your SEO.
  • Where to find the best sources for content to curate, and why it's so important to choose only the best
  • Plus much more on the art and science of content curation.
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