Create a Blog Post in WordPress

Create a Blog Post in WordPress

Running a blog on your WordPress business website is very good for your online business.

  • Writing up your recent projects makes your customers feel good, and it shows prospects what you are capable of and that you are actively on the job.
  • Discussing your products and services attracts customers who are interested in these things.
  • Search engines like original, fresh content and frequent new materials. Blogging is the easiest and cheapest way to improve your search engine ranking.

Don't be afraid of rolling up your sleeves and creating a post for your blog. The writing does not need to be slick and polished as long as it tells a clear, simple story that helps your customers. The more conversational and "real" it is the more appealing it is as an authentic piece of written communication.

The technical aspects of creating a blog post are easy enough when someone shows you how. That's what this InfoSheet is all about.

To get ideas on what to write and how to prepare suitable material for your blog posts, search around this site on content, content marketing and business blogging. There's plenty of information here to instruct and inspire you.

Happy business blogging.

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