Recover A Hacked Website

Recover A Hacked Website

What to do when your website is suspended because it has been hacked

Your site is never suspended for no reason. Where the reason is not immediately apparent such as an overdue invoice, the cause is almost certainly that server overload or spamming activity has been traced back to your site and it has been suspended as a result.

A suspension is an immediate reaction to accounts found to be overloading the server or conducting unacceptable activities. This is to protect the welfare of your account and all accounts. While it may seem harsh, this action prevents further damage to your online reputation.

However, it remains your responsibility to maintain the site in a safe condition and now to restore it to that condition. In making a compromised site safe again, it would also be prudent to make changes that would prevent, or at least, reduce the risk of it being compromised again.

You will need to take swift action to restore a safe site and to do so you will need a plan of what you are to do and who you can get to help you. This infosheet will guide you in what you need to do immediately. Study it well before you need to act.


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