Landing Page Essentials

Landing Page Essentials

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To be effective, the promotional links you use in your marketing activities must point back to landing pages - pages explicitly focussed on the product or service you're prompting.

Landing pages, therefore, are a critical component in winning business. Whatever your product or service your landing pages need to be focussed and optimised to be persuasive enough to win business.

The landing page is the first screen customers see when following a link to your website. It will provide the next step of engagement from the link your visitor first saw,  so it's essential that it reinforces the initial perception your link gave and adds more specific information that will stimulate further business. There is no room for confusion, choices, riddles or puzzles that your prospective customer needs to work out - you need to Keep It Simple.

This report covers the theory and practice of creating landing pages that will please and engage your visitors - then stimulate them to become your customer — all without pre-existing technical or design experience on your behalf. Yes, this is something that you can do in-house to improve your website sales conversions.

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