Unique Value Proposition

Unique Value Proposition

Differentiate your business with a clear, compelling UVP

Your unique value proposition (UVP) spells out the difference between your offer and that of many other competitors, many of which might be offering a product or service that is identical you yours.

At its best, your unique value proposition carves out a slice of the market that is yours to own. A market niche that makes you the much more attractive supplier of choice to your customers and leaves your competitors behind.

A unique value proposition is an offer that your customers understand to be of very high value, and that is unique to you. It can be a compelling idea, and yet that unique value need not be of a high cost to you. With a bit of thought, you can craft a unique value proposition that will change your business.

You can easily create your UVP;

  1. Define your perfect customer.
  2. Understand what they see as high value.
  3. Provide that desire that in a way that none of your competitors do.

This InfoSheet shows you the broad steps to develop a UVP. It shows you how this process draws on and informs your other marketing activities.

Your UVP is the foundation on which much of your most effective marketing will rely. It's essential to have a process that develops, revises and integrates your UVP across your business activities.

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