Website Maintenance – DIY

Website Maintenance - DIY

Every website needs housekeeping

The cPanel/Wordpress technology combination is an excellent technology choice for a small business website. However, it is not a set-and-forget system. Running it in the default out-of-the-box condition minimises the advantages and puts you at a great disadvantages. Hackers know their way around the default setup and can hack it with ease. You must secure your site, by changing your system from the default and actively monitor your website health.

This InfoSheet outlines the broad steps you must take to make your website workings slightly non-standard, thus deflecting hackers most of whom will promptly move on to another, less secure website to attack.

  • The simple changes you can make in cPanel and WordPress that will deflect hackers without affecting your operations in any way what so ever.
  • The free tools you can use in cPanel to defend, prepare and guard against hacking.
  • The configuration settings you can make in WordPress that will significantly secure your website.
  • The types of plugins you can use that will give your website fortress-like defence against abuse.
  • Free services you can use to help defend your website and detect abuse in its early stages.

Preparing yourself for unwelcome scenarios is the best way to deal with them. With this knowledge, you will be well placed to avoid threats, reduce risk and keep your business web presence intact and in good standing.



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