Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions and their commonly given answers.

How can I use these resources?

The downloadable resources available here are provided for your personal use only.

You may;

  • Retain an electronic copy for your own reference.
  • Backup your electroinc copy for safe keeping.
  • Print materials for your personal use or use within your small business.
  • Reprint, copy and sistribute within your small business or business unit consumable documents intended for physical interaction and variable or repeated use such as checklists, worksheets and forms)

You may not;

  • Share materials with friend or collegues unless this is specifically allowed in writing¬† comprising part of the material.
  • Sell, give-away or distribute materials alone or as part of a package.
  • Create derivative works for any purpose.
  • Modify or change materials for any purpose.
  • Use these materials as a foundation or supplement to your own in-house or any third-party training program

Should you require a license to use materials in a manner not covered here or in a way outside these terms of use, please contact us to discuss a custom extended license arrangement.

Pay by file or subscription?

What’s the best way to pay for Digital Business Builder downloads?

That depends on what you anticipate downloading. Decide on the subjects that you are interested in learning about and see what resources are currently available for those subjects.

If you only need one or two downloads and don’t anticipate coming back for more then pay-by-file is probably the best. If you anticipate building your knowledge in depth or across several topics then you will probably want to access two or three documents each month over the next two, three or four months. In this case, a subscription will give you the best value.

What currency do you use?

All prices are in Australian dollars.

What is premium content?

Premium content is is any resource that we offer for payment.

The price we associate with our premium resources can be anything from $5 to $500. We believe that all our resources deliver great value for the modest prices listed.

From time to time we also offer discounts and special bundles. Subscribers get advance notice on all discounts and specials, so why not subscribe for free today?

What kind of resources do you provide?

Digital Business Builder provides resources to inform and assist people working in small businesses. The subject matter covers business administration, marketing and online technology and the ways these subject blend with each other. We also cover subjects of a personal nature related to business life – professional development topics.

Resource packages are created for a range of different purposes. Generally they fall into three different categories


This type of resource provides you with background information about a subject – what it is, why it’s important, who it’s important to and when it’s important. informatio0n resources usually include some references and links for further information or related solutions. Typically information resources are brief and to the point.


Reports provide you with information on a specialised subject at a higher level of detail than an information only resource. Reports also include recommendations for action, some how-to instruction and references for more detailed information.

How-Tos, Guides, Checklists, Cheat Sheets

Point list-style coverage of tasks and processes that can benefit from a short-form record of what needs to be done.

Complete Solutions

Comprehnsive information and operational resources that you and use as supplied or in addition to your own specific data to achieve better business outcomes.

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